Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Drowned Rat - Mark II

Today, it started raining before I left the hotel instead of after.  This time, I was prepared.  Shorts, huarachas, and a rain jacket.  I looked and felt like I belonged to the monsoon season that is New Orleans under flash flood warning.

It was a quick trip to the passport agency where the weather seemed to have defeated all comers.  There were only a bare handful of people, as opposed to yesterday's constant 20+.  In and out, 52 page passport in hand.

I stopped on the way back and grabbed food, crawfish etoufee, and a couple po boys, to bring back to my hotel where I'll finish the afternoon listening to the rain and working.

Tomorrow, I'll need to find the hotel laundry if I don't want to travel with nothing but dirty clothes to Spain.

I can't overestimate how much I'm looking forward to returning to Spain.  This time, I'll be my own man, and won't be representing the US military.  I'll have nothing but myself as baggage.

P.S. New Orleans, what is with your streets?  Some of them required a ferry or dive certification to cross.

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