Monday, April 20, 2015

First Day of Work - Chulilla, Spain

Last night is a blur.  I know I slept about 3 hours, but then I was wide awake until after noon.  In the morning, I went out for a walk, looking for the only ATM in town.  I found the prior site of the ATM, I think, but there was no longer a business there and there was no ATM to be found.

I've been using a card since I got here, so hoped everything would turn out okay.  On the way back, the market right by the town square seemed to be open.  I went in and picked out a fair bit of groceries.  Milk, sardines, wheat toast (sold by the bag), some microwave vegetable dish, lentils, ground black pepper, jam, uncured manchego cheese.

Then began the attempted conversation with the shopkeeper.  I've been relying heavily on the google translate app on my phone.  I feel guilty for using it, but it helps me get by.  The conversation included things like me thinking she was saying I could only use my card after 10 am, when she really said I could only use it for purchases of 10 euros or more.  I thought I had more than that, and I did, but her machine wouldn't run my card for some reason.  I roughly communicated that I would be back in 15 minutes, then went to steal 20 euros from my friend.  I made it to the apartment and back pretty quickly, added a dozen eggs, and paid cash.  I really need to find an ATM.

I slept for a couple hours before my "morning" meeting at 1530.  I set everything up on my computer and 5 minutes before my meeting started, bam, no internet.  The router, which is not in the apartment, is down and not accepting connections.  The owner of the property is 4 hours away in Madrid.  No one is home there, and they won't be for a day or two.

I called in to my morning meeting over google hangouts on my phone.  I spent the next 3 hours on chat with someone non-stop.  I got 1 GB of data for 1 month for $15.  I got other things with it, but the data is what I care about the most.  I've had it for less than 3 days.  My data is over eighty percent gone.  This seems likely to be a problem.

Now, it is 2230.  My eyes are barely open.  I'm heading to sleep.  I hope I can stay there for a while.

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