Monday, April 13, 2015

It's All about the Water

Sitting in my hotel room working, pairing remotely with someone and on voice chat with them, I hear a knock on the door.

I get up, and walk to the door.  I may or may not be wearing pants.  Walking across the foyer, I notice my feet splashing through standing water.  "Just a second," I call to the man through the peephole.  I pull on shorts while hurriedly searching for the source of the water.  It continues into the bathroom.  My clothes are hanging on the shower drying from today's earlier escapades.  My shoes are stuffed behind the bar in the bath.  None of these seem to be a possible source for such a large amount of water.

I open the door and it is maintenance.  I tell them, "I don't know where this water is coming from.  It wasn't here half an hour ago."  He comes in and begins searching.  Pulling aside my hanging pants, water is rushing from the overflow below the faucet.  It seems to be seeping out from underneath the tub.  I leave him to his job as I go back to work.

After a while he tells me, "I'll be back with towels.  The water is not coming from your bathroom.  It is coming from upstairs."  After a while, he returns with towels and cleans up.

I cannot remember when, but he said, "I saw you when you came in earlier."  He had seen my drowning rat impression as I stood dripping on the welcome mat before the door.  I left what water was in a hurry to depart my company there before I walked across the tiled floor barefoot when I came in.

I guess today, all my adventures involve water.  Perhaps I should do laundry and find the pool today as well, or maybe go to the aquarium tonight.

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  1. the Earth tried to wash NOLA away several years ago. it almost succeeded. just be glad you're getting out before our hurricane season begins again.