Sunday, May 10, 2015

One Week - Cunit, Spain

We've been here in Cunit for one week as of yesterday.  The first blush has worn off the new place, and yet, it keeps growing on me.

We are still 250 meters as the crow flies from the water, and only 500 meters walk.  The balcony is still overwhelmingly large.  The weather has been gorgeous.

Here are some things that might not usually factor into your first impression of a place though:

I could probably hit the nearest grocery store with a rock from the balcony.  I don't have a firm grasp on when Spanish stores are open, but I can literally look at the front of the grocery store from the balcony and see if they are open right now.

There is a restaurant a couple blocks away whose tagline is "Tapas, tapas, y mas tapas".  A grandmotherly woman seems to own the place, and keeps us fed with a wide selection of tapas goodness.  It is neither the closest place, nor the fanciest, but I enjoy having someone who recognizes me when I walk in the door. delivers next day and the European equivalent of Prime is only 20€.

Our internet works.  It isn't great, but it is good enough.

I can walk to the beach barefoot.

The stove works, and there is a pan suitable for making omelets in.  I have one for breakfast nearly every day.

The bathroom leaves enough room for sitting on the toilet.  Believe me, this is not always the case.

The washing machine, though it hates me, works, and my clothes dried in less than half a day.

The people here seem to be friendly.

I like Spanish toilet paper better than American.  The sheets are 50% longer and I find it to be a more convenient size.

Exotic locations are nice, but it is important to remember that even when we are traveling, we are still living, with all the challenges that entails.  You still wake up in the morning, and ride life's waves both up and down.  It is fortunate when you can appreciate the things which make the ride more enjoyable and easier to endure.

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  1. "I like Spanish toilet paper better than American. The sheets are 50% longer and I find it to be a more convenient size."
    lines like this remind me of just how wonderfully fun you are. <3

    (also, apparently "blockquote" tag is not allowed; poop.)