Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Things Which Amuse Me

While traveling, you get these beautiful moments of incongruence, where expectation and reality meet and find each other lacking.  These moments grow your mind, and leave you living in a larger, more interesting world of experience.  Here are a few of my recent moments:
    Cemetery outside Barcelona
  • My 12 egg omelet which smaller than  of a 3 egg omelet.  Did I mention the eggs were quail?
  • The GPS demanding you take your van into the cut between buildings where two full grown men would have trouble walking past each other.
  • Seeing this tiny motorized vehicle with 3 people in it drive out of one of those tiny cuts between buildings.
  • Realizing there are multiblock neighborhoods of these impenetrable streets where only pedestrian traffic is practical, but there are still occasional cars going by.
  • Milk Aisle
  • The vertical cemetery on the side of the hills.
  • Heading out for dinner at 10 pm and realizing that in Spain you aren't strange.
  • Finding out that on a Tuesday night in Cunit, you really are still strange.
  • Realizing the butter knives have sharp enough edges to cut a steak, and maybe they were meant to.
  • Learning someone else loves milk as much as I do.


  1. That's a ridiculous amount of milk products! Which ones did you try? Are quail eggs good?
    I have a butter knife like that :)

  2. I've figured out that entera is whole milk, and I don't want desnatada nor semidesnatada which I believe are nonfat, and low fat. I also learned a couple days ago that fresca is "fresh" milk which I think means it has never been pasteurized. In addition to the amount of fat in the milk and what kind of pasteurization it has been through, there are milks with added protein, milks without lactose, and probably a dozen other factors I haven't figured out or recognized. I'm mostly sticking to whole milk, and exploring as I go.

    Quail eggs are just tiny eggs. The yolk to albumen ratio is rather low, and they are a pain to crack. I can recommend trying them this way once, but I probably wouldn't go to the effort again. Some tapas have a fried quail egg on them. I enjoy eggs in all forms.

  3. heh. I've cut myself with a plastic knife before by accident. it bled. the playdough I was cutting was cool, so I placed it on the open wound. playdough has salt in it. that was painful.