Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What to Do in Paris?

My first full day in Paris.  Whatever did I do?

First, the day was some kind of holiday, specifically the day off for Pentecost Sunday, I believe.  This appears to be a bank holiday, but not a public holiday, a distinction that exists in the United States but that I've never known a name for.  A bank holiday appears to be one in which it is not mandatory for a company to allow their employees off, but during which you can expect most public and private services to be unavailable.  A public holiday is one that everyone has off.

My activities for the day were eat, eat, go to Blocbuster for 4+ hours, then go to a new friend's apartment for a few hours where we ate again, and had wine, beer, and played a bit of MarioKart 8, then walk back to my friend's place where I crashed like a runaway car on a San Francisco street.

At Blocbuster,  I attempted to climb many a yellow route, and practiced mounting and falling off of a slackline, not to mention drinking a couple beers, and enjoying being surrounded by beautiful women and men.  I love climbing so much.  It is a shame I don't climb more often.  It will probably feature prominently in the next couple weeks.

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