Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cognitive Dissonance in Ireland - Dublin, Ireland

Things I've noticed in Ireland that try to turn my head inside out:

  • Light switches are often not inside the room the light is in.  Some can't even be reached from the doorway of the room they are for.
  • Showers with pushbutton on / off.
  • Even stranger, a shower with a pushbutton on / off that won't work until you pull the cord outside the bathroom to give power to the shower.
  • A wall switch that completely disables power to the stove and oven.
  • Washing machines in the kitchen instead of dishwashers.
  • Streaky rashers look like bacon, but aren't quite the same.
  • Bacon isn't bacon, but it might be Canadian bacon, though I think the Irish would say it isn't Canadian.
  • Temperatures are in Celsius, weights are in pounds, and money is in Euros.
  • So far, the bathroom in every flat has had a light with a pull cord that did not work, with a plug only for shavers that can be set to 120 or 240 current via a switch.
  • Turning the bathroom light on will start the fan ... eventually.  Turning the light off will also turn the fan off ... eventually.  Eventually can be 30 seconds, or 3 minutes, and may or may not be consistent.


  1. is a rasher that thing were telling me about the other day that you bougth a whole bunch of??

    WOW. their bathrooms seem fucked up, lol.

    1. A rasher is literally a slice of bacon. Each 8-12" piece of bacon you eat is a rasher.

      Actually, if you think about it, their bathrooms are mostly inspired. Save power both by not keeping standing water hot, and by not even powering the device that would monitor the temp. Keep the fan running after you've left the bathroom, when there is most likely to be odor to be removed, but don't leave it running all the time.