Thursday, June 25, 2015

Juvenile Seagulls - Dublin, Ireland

Seagulls over the National College of Art & Design, DublinBehind my apartment in Dublin, right outside the window where I sit most days, is the National College of Art & Design.  I look out directly onto the huge skylight in their library, and I can see a massive chimney.  Every day, I see seagulls atop that chimney.  Now, I see seagulls everywhere; the ocean is only a few miles away, and the River Liffey is only 300 yards away.  There are gulls capering about all the time.  I've worried quite a few were going to fly into my window.  Atop this chimney though, there always appear to be a few seagulls.  Now, I know why.

There seems to be a nest there.  The last few days, I've noticed a pair of juvenile seagulls, faded grey in color, like smoggy smoke, wandering around.  They don't seem to be old enough to fly, but it can't be too long now.  Until then, I have their companionship from 50 yards away, new life in Dublin, just beginning to explore its world, much like I am beginning to explore mine again.

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